Adult Education


Education opens doors that lead to better work and life opportunities, ultimately strengthening a community. Ironbound Community Corporation offers a range of programming for adults looking to build skills for employment opportunities, greater community engagement, and personal growth — from citizenship test preparation classes to English as a Second Language courses and parenting workshops and lifeskills building workshops.

  • Citizenship Classes: ICC’s citizenship test classes have one of the highest pass rates of programs of its kind. A key strength of this course is that English as a Second Language skills are taught in tandem with civics lessons. Students from all over the world build cross-cultural bonds as they take this important step towards U.S. citizenship.
  • College Coursework: Ironbound adults have the opportunity to work toward college credit right in the heart of their community with ICC’s adult education programs. Teachers from Essex County College teach a range of courses at our Community Center, including, healthcare, finance, and history classes.
  • Parenting Programs: ICC partners with Family Intervention Services to offer parents the chance to engage with each other around the challenges they face raising children. Through a structured, hands-on curriculum implemented over several months, parents take on important parenting issues like bedtime routines, discipline strategies, and child nutrition.
  • Community Workshops: ICC also offers a host of independent workshops, bringing in outside resources to meet community needs. ICC partners with other organizations to provide workshops on subjects like financial literacy, family health, and other lifeskills areas. Some examples include partnerships with Sovereign Bank to provide financial literacy workshops, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s workshops on children’s asthma and community health.