Environmental Justice

The Ironbound has historically been an industrial and residential community where factories operate right next to homes. Bound on all four sides by the airport, the highways, the rail lines, and the Passaic River, it’s one of New Jersey’s most polluted areas.

Since Ironbound is home to both the state’s largest garbage incinerator and one of the country’s most contaminated sites — a former Agent Orange dioxin factory — and has both active and abandoned industrial facilities, close flight paths and active truck routes, ICC has worked to improve the quality of air, water, and green space in our community.

  • Our Air – ICC is making sure that the largest garbage incinerator on the east coast accounts for its impact on the community. And we’re bringing industry and government to the table to cut down on idling in Newark’s ports, a major contributor to air pollution in the Ironbound.
  • Our Water – The Ironbound has a Dioxin site along the Passaic River – one of the first to be labeled a Superfund site in 1983. ICC informed and empowered residents who fought to make sure the site was capped and remediated. Three decades later, we still monitor this issue while embarking upon a community-wide waterfront vision to restore the river for recreational community use.
  • Our Land – ICC was instrumental in organizing residents to preserve Riverbank Park as an oasis for residents. Similarly, today we are leading the vision for a green belt along Ironbound’s riverbank. Working with industry and government, we’re pushing for the day when families can gather and relax along a clean and healthy river.

ICC conducts Environmental Justice tours of the Ironbound with individuals and groups, highlighting key issues and sites in the community. If you are interested in participating in an EJ Tour, please contact our main office, 973-817-7013 ext: 215 to make arrangements.

To see some of ICC’s studies and plans to improve environmental quality-of-life, click the links below: