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Adult Education

College Courses, Citizenship Classes, and ESL

Education opens doors that lead to better work and life opportunities, ultimately strengthening the individual and their community.  Ironbound adults have the opportunity to continue their education and even work toward college credit right in the heart of their community with Ironbound Community Corporation’s adult education programs at our Ironbound Community Center, 432 Lafayette St.

ICC offers a range of programming for adults looking to build skills for employment opportunities, greater community engagement, and personal growth — from citizenship test preparation classes to English as a Second Language to college courses – much of this in collaboration with our partner of more than 30 years, Essex County College (ECC)


Essex County College (ECC) courses are offered at ICC’s Community Center, providing a neighborhood door to the College.  Classes run Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm.  There are Fall and Spring sessions.


To register for classes make an appointment by phone: 973.465.0947, Ext. 403, or by email


Registration must be completed in person with the following documents:

Permanent resident card
Social Security Card


In partnership with other ICC programs, including Family Success Centers and Environmental Justice, ICC also offers courses such as the following:

Citizenship Classes: The “Understanding Civics and Government” course is an intensive series of citizenship classes that offers a comprehensive history of The United States, tips on how to handle the personal interview, and other information necessary to take the naturalization examination given by the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization. At almost 100%, ICC’s citizenship test classes have one of the highest pass rates of programs of its kind. A key strength of this course is that English as a Second Language skills are taught in tandem with civics lessons. Students from all over the world build cross-cultural bonds as they take this important step towards U.S. citizenship. More than 1,000 students have benefited from our Citizenship classes.

We recommend all candidates to have started their process by sending their applications to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) one or two months before the start of classes, or be ready to send their applications while they are taking the classes.

Parenting Programs: These courses offer parents the chance to engage with each other around the challenges they face raising children. Through a structured, hands-on curriculum implemented over several months, parents take on important parenting issues like bedtime routines, discipline strategies, and child nutrition.

Community Workshops: ICC also offers a host of independent workshops, bringing in outside resources or its own staff expertise to meet community needs. ICC’s many workshops include financial literacy, family health, children’s asthma, various life-skills areas, and environmental and zoning issues.

Contact Info

For information on enrolling in any of the above, please call: 973.465.0555.

For information on enrolling in the Citizenship Class, please call: 973.465.0555, Ext. 209 or email: