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Landmark Law To Protect NJs Poorest Communities From Pollution Signed Into Law


Mortgage and Rent Relief Plans May Be On the Way for Newark, But Will They Be Enough?

NEWARK, NJ — A bill designed to stave off a flood of impending foreclosures and evictions made it out of New Jersey’s Assembly Housing Committee on Tuesday, signaling potential forbearance and repayment agreements for Newark homeowners and renters struggling with the costs of COVID-19. Under state Executive Order 106, evictions were suspended for the duration of the stay-at-home order, which

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Environmental Injustice Exhibit at Newark’s Hahne Building

If you walk into the Express building in Newark, you’ll see dozens of people walking through the Climates of Inequality Exhibit. By Jennifer Marin, New Jersey News Network Play Video NEWARK, N.J. – If you walk into the Express building in Newark, you’ll see dozens of people walking through the Climates of Inequality Exhibit. “Climates of inequality was created by over

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NJTV News covers launch of “Climates of Inequality” exhibit. November 1, 2019


WBGO Reports on ‘Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice’ Exhibit

By ANG SANTOS , WBGO Newark is one of many cities part of the ‘Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice’ exhibition Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice is an exhibition that uses virtual reality and other forms of media to tell the stories of communities directly affected by climate change. “Climates of Inequality is a multimedia installation that was created by

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Ironbound Building Height Ordinance Stirs Up Gentrification Concerns

By REBECCA PANICO January 7, 2019 at 5:31 PM The MX-3 ordinance would affect several lots east of Penn Station in Newark’s Ironbound section.Credits: via City of Newark ordinance NEWARK, NJ –  A final vote draws nearer for a zoning ordinance that would allow for taller buildings in the Ironbound, but some community groups have raised a hot-button concern about

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City Council Moves Ahead With Plan to Give Evicted Residents Free Legal Services

By REBECCA PANICO Eviction proceedings for Newarkers take place in Essex County Superior Court, pictured above.Credits: Rebecca Panico NEWARK, NJ – Groundwork for a program that would give free legal representation to low-income city residents facing eviction was approved by city council recently, but questions still remain about how it will be funded. The ordinance has stalled on a final vote for

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“Gentrification at its worst”: Residents, advocacy groups fight to save Terrell Homes

By ELANA KNOPP Images from days gone by at Newark’s Terrell Homes show a well-maintained housing complex and a close-knit communityCredits: Elana Knopp   Terrell Homes residents Valerie Hall, Rita Fortenberry and Dorothy Brazell all say that the housing complex in Newark’s Ironbound Distric is the place they call homeCredits: Elana Knopp Terrell Homes in Newark’s East Ward, home to

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OPINION: As Newark changes, residents need to unite to protect their interests

There has been a flurry of news recently about Newark, from the NY Times to Bloomberg News – and most of it has been good, thank goodness. Newark’s great assets and some recent incredible projects, like the Hahne’s building, have often been featured in writings about Newark’s revitalization. And while an article may occasionally be rather fluffy, some have also

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