Environmental justice & community development

We envision a safe, healthy, just, and nurturing Ironbound, a welcoming and fully inclusive community that supports equal and accessible opportunity and the quest for a better life.  To support healthy, wholesome child and family development, we provide essential high quality services.

However, early in in our history, and especially through our Health Project in the early 1970’s which alerted us to Ironbound’s poor air quality and how it triggers asthma, we realized that high quality services were not enough.  How do children grow in the healthiest way when they do not have clean air to breathe, parks to play in, or adequate school facilities that are not overcrowded and built in the 1800’s?

Drawing of people holding up a sign

So, for 5 decades, ICC has believed in and acted upon building a healthy community by organizing and advocating for Justice and a better quality of life.  We do this in many ways, including through:

ICC’s founders envisioned a better world for their children, and today we carry on that legacy for future generations.

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