Domestic Violence Breaking The Cycle Program

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Domestic Violence Counselling

ICC assists victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and crime through its Breaking the Cycle Program. Although it is commonly believed that only half of actual domestic violence cases are reported, in 2015 there were 2,517 reported cases of domestic violence in the city of Newark, with approximately 20% of those reported cases occurring in the Ironbound section. In these cases, over 500 Ironbound youth were impacted by domestic violence.

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Given that one main reason for not reporting incidents of domestic abuse is that immigrant families simply fear the criminal justice and deportation system, Ironbound’s cases are likely significantly under-reported. Our community is no longer facing a domestic violence and child abuse challenge: our children and families are in crisis.

The children in our community are at a disadvantage, since there are no programs to stabilize children facing traumatic situations in the home environment due to abuse. Studies show that children who are exposed to domestic violence in their childhood years are more likely to use violent behavior as a way of life. A child raised in an abusive home learns that violence is an effective way in resolving conflict and emotional distress. Domestic violence is a learned behavior that will continue to be the “norm” in many homes if the cycle is not broken through education, therapy, morale support, and coping mechanisms.

Ironbound: Breaking the Cycle Program

ICC addresses this problem through its Ironbound: Breaking the Cycle Program in a trusted, friendly, professional, culturally sensitive, and linguistically appropriate manner, appropriately staffed to deliver the program plan, regularly assessed according to clear metrics and modified as necessary, and with ongoing staff development and learned best practices, all aimed at achieving the highest outcomes possible. Program staff include a Director, Licensed Social Worker, and Case Manager.

The Program delivers services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to victims/survivors of domestic violence, including children and adults, through a Strength-Based Approach. Based on an initial evaluation, the program offers services that include:

Therapeutic sessions to the adults affected
Therapeutic sessions to the children affected
A monthly support group for victims/survivors
Parent and child activities that focus on family unity
A group setting for youth ages nine to seventeen who are experiencing or are suspected of experiencing domestic violence
Ongoing case management